About Sharon Marie

Your Offer + Automation Strategist

Wife | Boy Mom of 3 | Mompreneur

I know what it’s like to have mom guilt…

I used to constantly feel like there were NEVER enough hours in a day…

Between time with my kids, significant other, family, friends, running my biz, time for myself and self-care, ministering at my church, and time for hobbies — who even remembers what those are anymore — I always felt like I was stretching myself thin, leaving me with massive mom guilt.

I was in a constant state of exhaustion, trying to juggle it all the things.

That’s why I’m on a mission to support moms like you in building businesses that are sustainable for you to maintain and ENJOY your life — It’s time you built a biz that fits your life and not try to fit your life around your biz.

Now, Read Some More Fancy Stuff About Me… 🤩

With 13+ of administrative support experience and an AA Business Administration, you place your biz is in good hands by working with Sharon Marie.

Sharon Marie started her entrepreneurial journey as a virtual assistant back in 2018. Sharon combines her love/skill for business system implementation with her passion for coaching. Her zone of genius is helping her clients grow their communities online through brand development, website & funnel design, automation, and project + team management.

Sharon supports multi-passionate moms & women to create no-sweat offers through systems that scale. This includes helping them to incorporate some type of course, membership, group program, or unique hybrid offer within their current business model. Sharon is all about guiding women to live life to their fullest potential.

With her knack for helping bring women together to build thriving communities from the ground up, and her affinity for all things tech and branding, she is able to provide her clientele with unmatched support in getting their group program out and into the world.

Plus, as a wife and boy mom of 3, she understands how her clients can feel stretched to their limits, and it is her mission to make sure that whatever program they work on together is designed around their lifestyle while providing more flexibility within their business.

3 Ways I Help Boss Moms and women Like You

Structure your biz in a way that supports your health, well-being, and overall lifestyle…

Products & Programs

Digital products and group programs that support your DIY journey as a biz owner.


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Looking to 10x your biz growth? Check out my DFY systems and automation services geared toward helping you streamline what you do.