3 Ways I Help Busy Moms and women Like You

Structure your biz in a way that supports your health, well-being, and overall lifestyle…

Products & Programs

Digital products and group programs that support your DIY journey as a biz owner.


Looking to create or launch an online quiz or interactive marketing project for your biz? Check out my DFY interactive marketing services geared toward helping you generate leads on autopilot.

Systems & Automation Services

Looking to 10x your biz growth? Check out my DFY systems and automation services geared toward helping you streamline what you do.

A Fresh Take on Business!

If you have an audience of coaches, course creators, consultants, online biz owners or mompereneurs who desire to fit their biz around their lifestyle and not the other way around, here are some of my fav topics to speak on…

🔑 How To Build A Lifestyle Business With Automation

🔑 The Ultimate No-Brainer Offer: Online Biz Blueprint for Success

🔑 How to 10x Your 1:Many Client Experience

🔑 The Secret to Work-Life Harmony

How we can help you

You’re In the Right Place If…


You've found success and worked with at least one client 1:1.

You’ve done at least one or a few 1-on-1s enough times that you’ve helped your clientele achieve results. Now, you just need help streamlining what you do!

Don’t believe in having a long, drawn-out launch plan (all the time)

I am all for well-thought-out & planned launches, but know that the quicker you’re able to launch something the more momentum & excitement you bring to the table. You are an individual who desires to get your program out into the world ASAP because you have waited too long already.

Can feel your next headache coming on from thinking about all the tech you need for your business.

You are not tech-savvy and are drained & exhausted after setting up a 3 part email campaign for your clients. Here’s where I come in. I actually get pumped up/energized when supporting my clientele with either done for you or done-with-you automation services because I know how much time & energy it will save them in the long run.

If We Haven’t Met, I’m Sharon Marie…

Your Offer + Automation Strategist

As your resident quiz enthusiast, dancer, and rom-com lover, I am all about supporting multi-passionate women — especially my fellow mompreneurs — to create no sweat offers with sustainable and scalable systems.

As a wife and boy mom of 3, all under the age of 10, I understand the importance of creating a flexible biz model that allows you to spend time with the kiddos. This is why I also encourage my clients to develop some type of 1:many offer in their biz.



“people like me need people like Sharon!”

Wow! I am not the tech person…

People like me need people like Sharon!

So awesome…Sharon is the BOMB!! She hopped on a call and walked me through my backoffice of my Convert Kit! Gave me tons of ideas and strategies on how to use this system and just simplified it!

…If you need some automation help…definitely message Sharon!! She is great at explaining and helping you figure it out!


All The Things…

A Comprehensive List Of Everything I Offer

Take a look at my “All the Things” page to see every freebie, product, or service I have to offer.