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Hi, I'm Sharon Marie

I am your Chinese food loving, dancer, who is devoted to supporting solopreneur and multi-passionate moms & women to amp up their income streams while streamlining your process with 1-to-many offers. This includes helping you to incorporate some type a course, membership, group program, or other unique hybrid offer within your current business model.

All my life, I have always found myself doing one of two things: supporting others during the initial building of their vision or dream, and guiding women to live life to their fullest potential.

As a little girl, I can remember always being asked to be someone’s “big sister” because I always loved guiding others down the “right path” as a child to embrace their best self.

As I got older, I discovered my knack for helping bring women together to build thriving communities from the ground up, and with my affinity for all things tech and branding, I am able to provide my clientele with unmatched support in getting their group program out into the world.

Plus, as a boy mom of 3, I understand how often my clients feel stretched to their limit & I make it my mission to make sure whatever program we do create together is designed around their lifestyle.

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If you could create + launch your group program now would you take that opportunity or would you continue to…

1️⃣ Scroll on Instagram with a serious case of FOMO every time you see someone else launch their course or membership?

2️⃣ Tap on your keyboard trying to jam pack 6 years of experience into your program without guidance on what to do?

3️⃣ Spin your wheels Googling which software you should host your program on using it as an excuse to not develop it?

But no more…

If you can juggle keeping all of your 1 on 1 client projects on track while also changing diapers, checking homework, and cooking dinner.

You can (and deserve to) amplify your business with a course, membership, or unique group program.

Whether you are creating your first program or relaunching/revamping an old one.

We’ll groove together like Kid & Play’s House Party Dance if you…


Have found success and worked with at least one client 1:1.

You’ve done at least one or a few 1-on-1s enough times that you’ve helped your clientele achieve results. Now, you just need help distilling what you do in such a way that you can not only lead a group to achieve those same results too but to achieve them consistently.

Don’t believe in having a long, drawn-out launch plan (all the time)

I am all for well thought out & planned launches, but know that the quicker you are able to launch something the more momentum & excitement you bring to the table. You are an individual that desires to get your program out into the world asap because you have waited too long already.

 Desire to create an authentic community around your program.

You’re not only motivated by the opportunity to remove the revenue cap in your business by creating a group program but you are also motivated to create a safe space for your community of people to authentically connect and grow together that accelerates true transformation.


Can feel your next headache coming on from thinking about all the tech you need for your business.

You are not tech-savvy and are drained & exhausted after setting up a 3 part email campaign for your clients. Here’s where I come in. I actually get pumped up/energized when supporting my clientele with either done for you or done with you automation services because I know how much time & energy it will save them in the long run.


Desire to create a group program and business that prioritizes harmony & work-life synergy.

Let’s face it, as a mom, business owner, and whatever other hats you wear in life, there is only so much time in a day. Wouldn’t be amazing to create a group program/business that allows you to show up every day in a way that supports every facet of who you are? That’s why I make it my mission to structure what you do within your program that supports your health, well-being, and overall lifestyle.

4 ways I help boss moms like you cultivate a group program/business that makes your clientele become unsolicited brand champions in your community. 👇

Digital Products


On-demand trainings geared toward helping you get one step closer to make your group program a reality. With products like the Rebrand to Shine mini-course, the Notion Launch Blitz Planner, & more, you will be well on your way to creating & launching a successful group program.

Group Program

My Signature Program

Join me for 12 weeks in the Group Creator Collective group program, designed to walk you through my step-by-step process to creating + launching a group program that you love!


Private Community

Already have a group program, but need help with all the tech stuff? Join the Solo Automators Club dedicated to making automating your program & business super easy minus all the overwhelm you experience when trying to navigate all the things in your biz.

1:1 Services

private retainers and one-time projects

Want a more hands-on, done-for-you experience? Then check out how we can work together on a one-time project, or an ongoing basis where I will be geared toward setting up your business for success. You can check out offerings specifically geared toward quizzes, or complete my contact intake form for other support.

Ready to get your program out of your head and into the world?

Awesome, let’s do this!


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